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Facility Designs
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Goal: The remote office of Polo Ranch balances modern design and high-tech features with the natural light and beauty of its outdoor surroundings. With a focus on client comfort, a variety of workspaces and seating options are centrally placed within the open office area to encourage perimeter circulation, all with easy access to the coffee and snack bar. A built-in, acoustical alcove with bench seating is the perfect spot to take a private phone call, while the cluster of Herman Miller classic tuxedo chairs is ideal for collaborative conversations. The sit-to-stand desk provides ergonomic flexibility and a space to focus independently while also creating a seamless spatial divider. Warm wood tones are utilized in both furniture and finishes throughout to evoke a welcoming environment while connecting the individual spaces together. A neutral color palette allows for contemporary textures and bold patterns to shine.

We had the pleasure of specifying all interior finishes and furniture.

Product Highlights:
Herman Miller, OFS

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