This sleek and functional facility is strategically designed to celebrate the modernization of today’s agricultural community.

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Project Scope

Interior Finishes, Furniture, Artwork & Accessories

Project Details

With over a decade of growth empowering every link in the food chain, the Ag software company, Agrian, needed a facility capable of supporting their services, vision and technology. Their new 20,000 square foot building is designed strategically from the ground up to inspire clients to join their platform as well as to engage their team.

Equipped with sit to stand desks, office task chairs and other ergonomic tools, the Agrian team is ready to work on modernizing today’s agricultural community. The flexible training room provides excellent mobility and comfort for team members to tackle any task placed in front of them. Multiple touchdown spaces throughout the facility make collaboration effortless as well as provide focused areas for independent work. At the heart of the building, the breakroom inspires a positive company culture and moonlights as an event space with functional garage doors granting the opportunity for indoor/outdoor work. Lounge furniture complete with power allows for plug and play, while other modular ancillary furniture provides endless configurability. Private offices are distinguished with iconic Eames and Noguchi collection furniture, continuing to celebrate the sleek and functional design that pairs perfectly with Agrian's vision to serve the growing world from every angle.

Manufacturer Highlights

Herman Miller, Kimball, National, Global, OFS

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