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MillerKnoll Certified Platinum

FD has reached the highest ranking through MillerKnoll's Dealer Excellence Program!

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MillerKnoll has a network of certified dealers, located in over 100 cities worldwide, who are committed to consistency, quality, and efficiency.

Known as the Certified Dealer Network, dealers are held to the high-quality standards set by MillerKnoll and its vibrant family of brands. The continuous improvement program uses an objective framework to measure, engage, and reward dealers for their ongoing performance and commitment to the goals and strategies of the MillerKnoll collective. Each dealership is evaluated on five pillars - Sales, Marketing, Design, Operations, and Finance - and is rated and scored based on their individual dealer capabilities and compared to the larger Certified Dealer Network overall.

In Fiscal Year 2020, Facility Designs achieved superior scores across all pillars, earning recognition by MillerKnoll as a Platinum Dealer, the highest ranked tier in the excellence program! We are incredibly proud of this achievement and are forever grateful to all members of the FD Team who are constantly working to improve the FD customer experience, always striving for complete customer satisfaction.

Who is Team FD?

Complete customer satisfaction has been our goal for 30 years and counting. We're here for you!

Meet the Platinum team!