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Modular Healthcare Design

Modular casework solutions help control costs and maintain schedules, so health systems can start generating revenue sooner.

August 20, 2021
Four ways modular design streamlines the healthcare construction process primary

Only half of healthcare construction projects stay on schedule and on budget. Keeping any construction project on track is difficult, but healthcare construction has unique challenges. During renovation and construction, the arrival and staging of raw materials on site need to be closely managed in order to keep the schedule from slipping and to keep the site safe.

Choosing Herman Miller movable, modular design solutions over fixed millwork contributes to keeping construction projects on schedule and within budget. It lets general contractors work smarter, avoid cost overruns, and deliver complete projects faster, so their healthcare clients can generate revenue sooner. Read how.

Is Modular Right for You?

When it comes to flexibility and efficiency, consider Herman Miller's modular healthcare product systems and nurses stations.

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